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How to install guide:

Gamepulz application is currently available only for Samsung TVs.

1. Press home button on your remote controller to open navigation bar. 

1. Home bar_x.jpg

2. Press left button to see the "Apps" icon and click to open.

2. Apps bar_x.jpg

3. Click "App Search" icon in  top right corner of the screen.

3. App search_x.jpg

4. Type "gamepulz" into search and click on the icon.

4. Type_x.jpg

5. Click "Install" and wait for confirmation. 

5. Install page_x.jpg

*If the installation is not confirmed, try resetting it by holding your power (turn on/off) button for 8 seconds, and installing again. In case you occur any other issues, write us to our live Telegram chat or social media channels. 

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